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Agile Coaching & Consulting

Co-creation and process-oriented coaching is my focus, always aiming to help my clients help themselves.
I have been successfully exploring how to combine systemic organizational development and the agile mindset, methods and frameworks for clients in various industries and states of ‚digital-readiness'.

Let's find out what I can do for you! 

Use Cases

What I Offer

If you run agile, and would like to improve

Agile Coaching, Scrum Master Mastery, Kanban Coach

There is always room for continuous improvement, right? Maybe it is about gaining more alignment across teams or departments, increasing product or service ownership and self-organization or giving an extra boost to the ongoing agile transformation. Here is what I have done and can do for you: 

Excerpt of previous project experiences Implementation, training & coaching on Objective and Key Results (OKRs) in IT & non-IT.  Scrum role coachings. Training und coaching internal Scrum Masters. Kanban  coaching for design, implementation and continuous use of a Kanban system in tourism (non-it) and e-learning industries. Large group retrospectives up to 40 people.

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If agile is not the challenge, but people stuff is

New Organizing, Teamentwicklung, Organisationsentwicklung

Read on if it’s about creating a way of working that enables you to reach your business goals. Fair warning: my work will always be influenced by the agile mindset and the organizational structures we find will always be value-driven and will enable self-organization. 

Excerpt of previous project experiences  Leadership Coaching on Enabling Leadership. Sparring Organisational Development on BU level. Increasing alignment via implementation, training & coaching on Objective and Key Results (OKRs) in IT & non-IT. Team development incl. facilitation of mindset change, prioritization & decision-making in self-organized teams as well as teambuilding. Going all-remote, introducing working from home.

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If you are new to agile 

Agile Pilots, Intro-Sessions, Workshops

Getting started is a journey in itself. It starts with understanding the Why of Agile, continues with finding sponsors on all levels and ends with a successful trial implementation and first learnings.

It is my goal to enable you to substitute me. Here are example of skills and topics I would like to share with you: planning and implementing agile pilots from KPI driven goal setting  and workplace design for agile teams to staffing and enabling the team from idea to MVP, presenting management summaries of Why and What is Agile, giving role trainings & coaching.

Excerpt of previous project experiences Leading a pilot of one team for in Banking. Leading a pilot of 4 teams in Telecommunications industry. Interactive intro-to-agile workshop incl. giving orientation between Design Thinking, Kanban and Scrum. Management presentations on the "Why" of agile.

Process consultation of an agile transformation (definition of target & transition state including Product, Organization and Technology view, Pilot selection, staffing, processes, Management buy-in)

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