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About Me

I am a trained organizational developer for self-organization and agile ways of working and a certified yoga teacher.

My work focuses on co-creation and process-oriented consulting to help people to help themselves. I continuously explore how to combine systemic organizational development with ‘new’ working approaches and with yoga.

I have accompanied organizations in different industries all over the world on their journey towards achieving self-organization or agile ways of working, for example in the e-commerce, SaaS, automotive and banking industries, as well as public institutions. My clients include individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and departments within large corporations.

I have been practicing yoga ever since I was fourteen. I have also completed two years of training as a yoga teacher and advanced courses focusing on Hatha Yoga and Japa practice. In my yoga sessions, I aim to provide people with access to the world of yoga and to enable them to better experience their body, mind and maybe even their Soul. I place value on sharing yoga practices and principles that can help people to discover one’s Self independently.
For me, yoga entrepreneurship is all about offering consulting and yoga practices, principles and postures as a fusion suitable for the market in question and while remaining true to yoga at all times.

How did I come up with the idea of “OD & yoga”?

Life has allowed me to experience an abundance of situations and contexts that have had a lasting influence on my views and concerns. My professional life used to involve a great deal of travelling and living in hotels that were often located abroad, far away from my familiar social context. On top of this, I also had to work 12-hour days in a challenging environment. During this time, my daily haṭha and japa sessions (physical exercises and reciting Sanskrit words) acted as an anchor that provided me with orientation when making decisions. My daily yoga practice enabled me to make sound decisions, to consciously handle situations and to actively create learning moments. I am also well aware of the impact that a restless mind and many mixed emotions can have based on past experiences. Haṭha and japa have always helped me to get back on track. ​

In few words: Based on my own experience, I am convinced that a more conscious sense of being leads to better work results. When integrated into working life, yoga helps to achieve concrete results while letting people be their Selves.


You can find my full résumé on my linkedIn profile. If you get the feeling we should chat in person, I'm looking forward to your call!

 Thank you!

Whatever we do, we don't do it alone! This space is dedicated to all the souls who have / had a lasting impact on my (yoga) path.

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli - guidance back to intuition, Jai Ma!

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers - introduction to Vedanta philosophy. No continued association to this organisation.

Marijana Savovska - first teacher, inspiration und support on my yoga path

Yogakula of my teacher training - for your encouragement and active support

Santosh Puri Ashram - a place to be

Roman Müller - partner in crime and in creativity-flow-boom #CoreProject