OrganiZation Development & Yoga

The world of Yoga is home to a cornucopia of values, principles and practices that we can use to influence our day-to-day working lives positively in a self-determined way: from the Yoga ‘mindset’ (yamas and niyamas) through to pranayama (breathing exercises) and japa (reciting Sanskrit) and right through to Yoga asanas (physical exercises and postures). Even not moving at all can be Yoga, e.g. when practicing Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga). Yoga is a discipline that has been practiced over centuries by people who want to live their Selves in peace and calm – even at work! 

Yoga should be able to be smoothly incorporated into every normal working day, across all hierarchy levels alike. The benefits that you can achieve with Yoga include the ability to self-reflect – an essential requirement for fully functioning self-organization – and a clear head for a quick and coherent decision-making process.

When it comes to team development, Yoga supports your cooperation and team spirit and encourages you to focus on the “big picture”.

Do you focus on your entire department in a leadership role? If so, we can work together to use Yoga to create space for conscious work and thus enable your colleagues to become more effective in terms of self-organization or agile ways of working.


Yoga can be an integral component in the co-creation with my clients. How?

Here are a few suggestions ...


Individual Sessions

... if you want to dedicate your body and mind to a (work-related) topic 


Insights on a specific topic you chose and next steps towards a solution or improvement.  

Example: "I want clarity about how my department is connected to department X and what I can do to improve the co-operation"

Approach Example

Holistic individual consultation with Yoga elements. For example, a breathing exercise to settle in. Clarifying the goal of the session and opening your mind, e.g. with Asanas (body movement) to get ready to reflect on the topic you brought. Concluding with deriving specific action items. 

As trained systemic organization consultant I guide you through the process and the Yoga elements and contribute with ideas to finding the solution. 

Given the current situation: Remote sessions available.

Inspiration & Workshop

...  if you want to try something new or if you want to have a different experience of group-work 


All-day event with Yoga elements as facilitation of workshops to increase focus, outcome quality and to improve the work experience.

Examples: Ideation Workshop, create leadership principles,  find a Team-Mission, Big Room Planning, conflict work. 

Or as a different kind of Key Note.

Approach Example

Do you know the "post-Yoga feeling"? A peace and quiet from within. We use it for our workshop!

After a quick introduction, what it means for you to integrate Yoga into your day, we warm up with a 60 min. of body and/or mind practice of your choice. We take this "post-yoga feeling" into the collaboration phase and work on your planned goal. Yoga Yamas (yoga values) guide us as workshop-collaboration-rules. Breath-work in the break and an optional 30 min. Hatha Yoga or Yoga Nidra to digest the day completes the program.


For my workshops, I draw from my ample previous experience in organizational development. 


... if you want to equip yourselves with yoga & agile tools for daily (business) life


One- and multiple-day trainings to transmit competencies in mind and body-work or agile ways of working.

Example training: "How do I notice I need a break? Predictive Self-Care" for preventive health promotion. 

Approach Example

Settling in with 60 min. Hatha & Japa practice (body movement and concentration exercise with Sanskrit words).  Interactive knowledge transfer incl. learning about own daily patterns (e.g. of how you deal with stress).  Creation and exercise of a personal tool-kit as continuous practice. 

Yoga Yamas (values) guide our behavior in the training. Breath-work in the breaks. Wrapping up with a retrospective and a 30 min. Hatha yoga sequence. 

As experienced trainer of adult learning, you can expect my trainings to be tailored to making the most of your learning experience. 

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