I am a trained consultant for new organizing and a Yoga teacher. In both of these roles, I view myself as an enabler and sparring partner for individuals, teams and organizations in different industries.

Based on my profound experience, I introduce Yoga practices and philosophy as a means of organizational development. "Yoga" - in its many shapes and forms - is a process of development that leads to more purpose and more clarity. 

With the application of Yoga in my development approach, I want to accompany people and organizations on their journey away from reactive action and towards conscious being. 

We work with our minds. The clearer our mind, the better we work. This is where yoga helps. 

We work in complex organizations. Dealing with complexity requires an ability to reflect. This is where yoga helps.

Examples of yoga-based solutions

Do you simply want to be able to cope? Find a more effective way to deal with yourself and your environment with holistic individual sessions 

When it comes to taking a step back and viewing things from an outside perspective, individual consultations and Yoga are a dream team. Why? Because Yoga teaches us how to ‘discriminate’ between “I am” and “I do”. In a structured session featuring Yoga elements, you can find out how to deal with issues on your own and with others in a context of your choice. A one-on-one sitting is also ideal for anyone who wants to tackle requirements at work and stress factors in a more conscious way.  Example for an individual session

Do you want to break free from routine and give yourselves a treat at work? Enrich your workshops, training sessions and events with yoga (with or without Yoga "movements")

It’s the “how” that makes the difference! If you want to provide new inspiration and incentives in offsites, workshops, conferences and similar events, welcome Yoga into your company! We work together to come up with a concept that will help you to achieve excellent work result via an approach that is both nourishing and meaningful, thanks to Yoga. More precisely: we run needs-based and goal-oriented workshops, we have training sessions for a more in-depth introduction to Yoga practices & philosophy, agility, or, in a lightning talk I present an unconventional, new approach that gives you a taste of what “working consciously” is all about.  Examples for Workshop facilitation and Trainings

Teams and departments need support in the implementation of changes? Resilient organizations and conscious work in complex situations 

Are you on your way to achieving more self-organization or agile ways of working? Or are you interested in setting out on this journey? Are you also open to equipping yourself with the tool of “self-reflection” to achieve the successful implementation of these ways of working? If so, team or department coaching on a medium-term basis is the ideal solution for you.

We arrange your consulting contents and pace individually based on your needs and requirements and incorporate Yoga values and practices for conscious and meaningful work. As an enabler and professional sparring partner, I not only help you to help yourselves but also provide my expertise in the fields of organizational development, agility and self-organization, together with Yoga. 


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